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I’m literally writing whatever comes to my mind first. Reader discretion is not advised.

Why are people on Vine so annoying? I don’t understand what my problem is with them. Someone thinks they’re obviously funny, and they look like they’re having fun. So what is it? Why do I find them so annoying? Is it because they think they’re so cool? Because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people who think they’re cool, so they act like a pompous jerk. They may actually be cool, but when they start acting like they’re better than everybody else, it makes me automatically not like/want to hang out with that person. Like ever.

I’m in college now. Well, it’s a local community college, so I don’t know if that really counts. I’m just doing my basics before moving on to an actual college. Probably University of Texas at Arlington. They have a great Social Working program. I’m currently 62 percent that’s what I want to go to school for. Why? Because I want to help people adopt kids. I think that’s super cool. Everybody’s all like, ‘Whaa? You don’t make that much money as a social worker!’

I then proceed to roll my eyes and think to myself, ‘You’re failing at life.’

What’s the deal with people thinking that you have to have money to succeed in life? I just want to do something that I enjoy. Something that’s fulfilling. Something that matters. So what if I have a lot of money? I mean, that would be great, but I don’t find it necessary in order to have a “good life”.

Another example is acting. What I want to do for the rest of my life is be an actor. I love acting. Love. It. (note: this may seem contradictory/hypocritical to what I just said. It’s not. I might explain myself one day, but I don’t feel like it right now.) People say, ‘I want to be an actor because they make a bunch of money!’. To you I say, ‘I don’t like you.’

Now, maybe money is what makes you happy in life. If so, go for it! But don’t go after money just because you feel like you have to.


A Place to Talk

I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but that’s okay. I’m not apologizing for it. I have decided to start this blog back up, though. It’s going to be a place for me to write about whatever I want to. It’s a place for me to talk. About what?



I don’t care if you get offended, I don’t care if you get bored. Why? Because this is my place. It’s a place for me to express my feelings.

It’s a place to talk.

And that’s what it always will be.

7 Strips of Bacon: The Return

I haven’t done one of these in a long time! I used to do nothing but these, so I stopped. Now I never do these, so I’m going to start again. YOLO.

1. I’m a forreal writer for a website!

Yep! I got my first ever writing “gig”(?). It’s for one of the biggest Christian gaming websites, The Coalition of Christian Gamers! You can check the website out at I’m having a blast being apart of the team over there. Some exciting stuff is happening!

2. I’m in a corner crying.

I’m writing a book right now, and every few pages, I send to an agent in NY. He’s like my writing coach. He critiques my work, send it back to me, I revise, and send back to him. We go back and forth like that. Anyways, I just got some revisions in from him.

Holy Cow.

The amount of red on the screen is baffling. A blind person could probably read it.

Now, it was just the first page mostly, and some on the second page. The red is sprinkled throughout the rest of the manuscript. But man, I had a heart attack when I opened the word document the first time.

3. I’m going to do these more often.

How many times have you heard THAT one before, huh? I’m being honest this time. Since I’m becoming more and more serious in my writing, I want to have a place for my own on the internet. Also, it’s good to point people to, if I want to write for their website.

Although, I’m not sure pointing them to a website called Existential Bacon is the best thing to do when I’m trying to be professional.

Oh well.


4. Looper is amazing. Looper is amazing. Looper is amazing…

A couple of nights ago, I watched Looper, because I’ve heard so much about it. For those of you who don’t know, Looper is a movie staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, and some little kid who has terrible parents for letting him be in a move like Looper.

Anyways, it’s about this guy in 2044(?) who is what they call a ‘Looper’. The Mob in the future send people back in time, and the loopers go to where the target is sent back at, and kills them. G-Lev (I just made that up. It’ll catch on.) is a looper, but one day, they send back the future version of himself (Brucey-Baby…good god I hope that doesn’t catch on), and G-Lev doesn’t kill him, so Brucey-Baby gets away. It’s a really awesome movie, with a great story, and some pretty tear jerking scenes. Go watch it. Now.

5. I get to watch the Super Bowl!

I wasn’t going to watch it if the Patriots were going to be in the SB. I hate them so much. You have no idea how much I hate them. It’s kinda ridiculous. I was hoping for a Falcons v. Texans Super Bowl, and then a Falcons v. Ravens. However, the Falcons lost to the 49ers today–who I also hate–so that wasn’t going to happen. If it was a Patriots v. 49ers Super Bowl, I would not have watched the Super Bowl. THAT’S how much I don’t like either team. But it’s not, and I will!

6. My Can is empty.

My can of Dr. Pepper is all gone. Seriously, canned drinks are not big enough. They’re all gone as soon as you take a couple of sips! Seriously! It’s ridiculous. A pandemic. It needs a solution.

7. I am very tired.

So I will go to bed now. Goodnight!

Dumbest Headline Goes To….

So I was on the internet today, like ya do, when I saw this headline for a news article: “Is the President More Worried About His Kids Than Yours?” My answer

Hell yeah.

I sure hope so.

If he was a good father, of course he’d be more worried about his kid than others, President or not! I’m not a father, but if I had to choose between somebody else’s kid and mine, see ya later, random kid.

Things I Hate: People Who Don’t Understand “Xmas”

You know, I could write a list of things that I love. Instead, I decided to go the negative route, and list some things I hate. Note that this list should be taken with tongue firmly in cheek, and the things in said list are greatly exaggerated.

People who think “Xmas” is a way to take “Christ” out of “Christmas”

From Wikipedia:

The “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, translated as “Christ“.[2]

There is a common misconception that the word Xmas stems from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas[3] by taking the “Christ” out of “Christmas”.

People who CONSTANTLY post every single day on Facebook/Twitter to “Keep Christ in Christmas” drive me. IN. SANE. Anybody who actually pronounces “X-mas” “EX-mas” is retarded and you shouldn’t listen to them anyways. If you’re so holy, then don’t even celebrate Christmas! It’s a pagan holiday, you know. Although you probably didn’t, because YOU THINK X-MAS IS PRONOUNCED EX-MAS AND IT’S A PLOT BY THE GOVERNMENT TO DESTROY CHRISTIANS AND THROW THEM INTO GAS TANKS AND  CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND OBAMA IS REALLY A TERRORIST.

Also, most of those people do not like Catholics. WELL I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, BUDDY: The “Mas” in “Christmas” comes from the word “Mass”, as in the place Catholics go to worship. So you should just call Christmas “Jesuschurch”.

I’m Back!

Hey, there!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Like, nine months. I could’ve gotten pregnant and had a baby since the last time we talked. I would’ve named him Elliot. However, since I can’t have babies since I’m of the male-persuasion, you don’t have to worry about that.

Where to begin? I guess I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to the past nine months, besides not having a baby.

I graduated back in May, which was an awesome experience. It was strange, because I’ve been looking forward to it all my life, and then it all happened so fast, I barely had time to enjoy it. That’s fine, though, because I was really looking forward to what came after graduation: NO SCHOOL! That definitely didn’t disappoint (those last three words started with the letter ‘D’. So I guess that’s what this post is brought to you by. I feel like I’m on the west-side of Sesame Street, yo.) I love sleeping in every day. I love being able to write every day. Although, after a while, I start to feel lazy. Which is why I’m currently looking for a job. I’m trying to get into freelance writing, but I’ll touch a little more on that in a bit.

I was in a movie. Like, a real live movie. It was called Camp Winoaka, and it was so much fun. It was an hour long film, that we filmed in five-and-a-half days. For those of you who don’t know, that’s really fast. One of my best friends, and classmates Noah Ringer (The Last Airbender, Cowboys & Aliens) told me that a day on an actual film set equal to about a minute-a minute-and-a-half of actual film time. Think about that for a second. Every minute of a film equals to one day.

We filmed about ten minutes every day for roughly six days.

It was crazy fun, and crazy hard, and crazy hot. I’ll probably devote a post to that experience later.

Before I graduated, back in April, I published The Intruders! You might have known it as The Arrival, if you followed the blog last year. It was published a couple days after my seventeenth birthday, and the response has been great! I had one person compare it to The Walking Dead which was so crazy awesome. The sequel is coming out within the next month or so, which I’m super excited about. If you wanna learn more about all that, go to

As I said earlier, I’m trying to get into the whole freelance writing scene, which is partially why I reserected this blog. I wanted to be able to write a bunch of random articles because 1. It’s fun, and I love doing it. 2. To help build my resume, and, 3. So I could get better at writing articles, because that’s kind of what freelancing is all about. I’m going to be blogging the whole experience, so I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!

You can look forward to much more coming from me in the near future, so stay tuned!

Logan Rutherford. @jaloru95

7 Strips of Bacon: Uhhhh…that one.

Hello, Ladies.

1. *yawn*

I’m pretty tired right now. I’m not sure why, I just am. I’ve done a lot of writing lately, and I can’t express how excited I am for Christmas…mostly because of Christmas break.

2. Live from Miami 

Hillsong United is releasing Aftermath, it’s latest CD, which was recorded in a studio, as a live recording. It’s guaranteed to be epic for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s Hillsong United.

2) It’s their best CD, but live.

3) It was recorded in the US.

4) It’s not just Aftermath, it’s a bunch of other songs. Twenty-one of them, to be exact.

It comes out on Valentines Day, so I know what I’m asking…well…er…*cough*…somebody for on Valentines day.

3. Improv

This Saturday/Sunday, the acting school that I go to is having an improv show that I’m participating it! I’m pretty excited about it. Acting is so much fun!

4. Moving!

Kassie, (The Secret Vatican Spy) my oldest sister, is moving from Tulsa to Dallas! I’m so excited, because that mean’s that she’ll only be an hour away from my house, instead for six! *happy dance*

5. Contact me!

You may, or may not have noticed a new page up at the top! It’s a Contact Me page! It has an email, and links to Twitter. So if you have anything to say to me, or ask, now you can!

6. $

I got my first royalty check from Amazon a couple of days ago. I’m pretty excited! I feel like a true author now! It was for twenty bucks, so that’s not too shabby at all!

7. Hittin’ my stride

I’m finally beginning to hit my stride for The Arrival. It’s all coming along very smoothly, and nice. I just hit the 15,000 word mark, but I plan for that the be 30,000 by next weekend. I cannot wait to be finished with it, so you guys can read it! It’s pretty legit.

Alrighty folks, that is all!

Twitter: @jaloru95 <— Follow it. Please.

Late Night Rambling’s

Hey-o May-o!

I have to stay up late tonight. It’s for my Mom. I’m tired. I just watched 24. I’m tired. Did I mention that already? I didn’t? Oh, okay. I’m tired.

Just in case you can’t already tell, I get hyper and random when I’m tired, and it’s late.

You may ask yourself, “Why are you staying up so late Logan?! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY TO GO TO DALLAS FOR ACTING LESSONS, NITWIT!” Now, if you said it exaclty like that, it would make me a little sad on the inside. But not that much. Basicly, one of my Mom’s show dogs had puppies. Now, these aren’t you average puppies. These puppies are anywhere from two-four grand a pop. They are very expensive puppies. There is a waiting list for these puppies. And currently, the lives of these puppies are in my hands!

So, I decided to post on my blog.

Random Side Note: Only Hope by Switchfootis currently playing on the iPod speakers in the kitchen. I love this song, and I’m going to see Switchfoot in concert in a few weeks. Along with Anberlin. I’m freaking excited. Anyways, back to my…whatever.

My Mom has been sleeping on a cot beside these puppies for the past couple of nights. So, being the good son that I am, voluenteered to watch them for her for a few hours. Right now, she’s enjoying the most sleep she has had in a while. Me? I really want to be asleep right now. To make matters worse, I’m watching sleeping puppies…sleep (obviously). It just makes me wanna sleep even more.

While I’m keeping myself awake, I decided to be productive, and write. I’m currently writing this blog post (again, obviously), and am going to write somemore of my novel, The Arrival, when I’m done here.

Another Random Side Note: More Than Fine by Switchfoot is what’s playing right now. I’m beginning to wonder if my sister’s iPod is playing just Switchfoot.This stoy is currently devolping…

Speking of The Arrival, I made this pretty freaking awesome cover for it today.

I think it’s pretty amazing looking. My best yet. Tell me what you think of it, and if I should change anything about it. I’m gonna make some minor tweaks to it leading up to the release of the book, but this is basacilly what it’s gonna look like.

Another Another Random Side Note: Mystery solved. It’s not on a Switchfoot shuffle (that sounds like a dance). Like a Lion by David Crowder Band is currently playing. Anyways, carry on.

I also redesigned the cover for Rescued to be less…well…ugly. I’m gonna redo the covers for Runner, and Caught soon.

Alright, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. I’m gonna go work on The Arrival now.


7 Strips of Bacon: Doctor, Who?

Hey Guys!

I’m doing a “7 Strips of Bacon” post today, so ENJOY IT OR ELSE.

1. Doctor, Who?

So, last night was the season finale of Doctor Who. Let me just say, it was friggin’ epic. I love River Song now. I used to hate her, but after last night, she’s one of my favorite DW characters. And let me just say, the question hidden in plain sight, really was! Okay, I’m getting into spoiler territory, so I’ll shut up about it now.

2. Barefoot and TARDIS.

A good Twitter/Blogging friend of mine, Calah, wrote up a post about Doctor Who. She gives, IMO, a very comical guide on how to start watching DW. You should go read it, and her other posts, HERE.

3. Logan’s Guide to Life.

I’m doing a series of Guest Posts for my sisters blog, Secret Vatican Spy! So, go read the first in the series, and her other posts while you’re at it!

4. Abduction.

Today, I’m gonna go see Abduction. It has a 5% “Rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but I’m still looking for to watching a mindless action flick…and because Taylor Lautner is in it, and he’s a pretty awesome actor.

5. Eighteen?!

Friday was a special day. It was my sister, Whitney’s, 18th birthday. o_O It’s kinda hard to believe that they grow up so fast! *sniffle* Gimme a moment here…okay, I’m good now.


Since season three of one of my other favorite TV shows came out on DVD recently, I’ve been watching a ton of it. Actually, I watched all of it. Man, Castle is a darn good TV show.

7. Back to the Future.

ALMJRRVAWLJVFMJLK! I watched Back to the Future for the first time recently, and let me tell you, NEW. FAVORITE. MOVIE. That’s all I’m gonna say, ’cause I’m gonna write a special post about it.

Alright, the Cowboys are playing, so I gotta go now. But one last thing, do ya like the new Theme? I do.

Logan (@jaloru95)


7 Strips of Bacon: Homeschooled Graduation Edition!

Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I’m going to do one. Like, now!

1. Graduation!

Yes! Graduation is in less than NINE MONTHS! June 9th is the big day. I’m pumped!

2. Graduation Song!

So, if you’re a homeschooler, then at your Graduation you play a slideshow of your life. This is one of the highlights of a homeschoolers career. All your life, you will hear a really good song, and think to yourself Hmmm. That’d be a really great song for my graduation slideshow! It’s really important that you pick the perfect song. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

3. Post-Graduation Depression!

After your Graduation, you’ll hear a song, and tell yourself, “Man, if that song was out before I graduated, it totally would’ve been my song to play during my slideshow!” Then, you’ll go into depression because you’ll now think back on your Graduation thinking about the great slideshow that could’ve been.

4. Graduation Party!

After you walk down the aisle, listen to somebody preach, watch the Slideshows, have your parents say something about you i.e. “We’re proud of you.” “You’ll do great things.” (Note: Tears from at least one parent is required. Bonus points if both parents do), the Graduates sing a song *shivers*, you throw your hat’s, turn your tassels (or shake them, if you’re into that), it’s finally time for…THE AFTER PARTY!

It sucks.

It’s pretty much filled with people telling you Congratulations, interrupting you while you’re trying to talk to your friends to do so, and playing Super Smash Bros. on the giant projecter screen. Which, imo, is the best part.

5. Graduates Song!

The Graduates all come up and sing a song. Yeah, I’ll just let you figure out how it usually turns out.

6. Senior Flower…?

One thing that is missing, is the Senior Flower. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! THAT’S THE BEST PART! It’s unacceptable, really. If we did have a senior flower, it would be the Rose. Why? Every Rose has its thorns. The thorns would be the other homeschooler’s parents who want their kids to be the stars of the show, while the kids really don’t care. Kinda like 4-H, but with homeschooled moms. So it’s worse.

7. 1 Year

After all is said and done, you go hang out with your friends after Graduation, because you kept on being interrupted by people congratulating you, you get home before 11, but only because your mom told you to, or else you were grounded, you still have to wait a year before going to college. You see, a majority of homeschoolers graduate when they’re 17 (like I will be when June 9th rolls around), and so they aren’t able to go to college at that time. So, you get a job, still have to be home by 11, and ask permission before you go outside, maybe try to write a book, and talk to your Public Schooled friends who are telling you how awesome college is.

There’s also a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and 1 chance that you can get a boy/girlfriend.

After all that, I still can’t wait to finally be done with High School! Hurry up June 9th! I CAN’T WAIT FOREVER!