Late Night Rambling’s

Hey-o May-o!

I have to stay up late tonight. It’s for my Mom. I’m tired. I just watched 24. I’m tired. Did I mention that already? I didn’t? Oh, okay. I’m tired.

Just in case you can’t already tell, I get hyper and random when I’m tired, and it’s late.

You may ask yourself, “Why are you staying up so late Logan?! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY TO GO TO DALLAS FOR ACTING LESSONS, NITWIT!” Now, if you said it exaclty like that, it would make me a little sad on the inside. But not that much. Basicly, one of my Mom’s show dogs had puppies. Now, these aren’t you average puppies. These puppies are anywhere from two-four grand a pop. They are very expensive puppies. There is a waiting list for these puppies. And currently, the lives of these puppies are in my hands!

So, I decided to post on my blog.

Random Side Note: Only Hope by Switchfootis currently playing on the iPod speakers in the kitchen. I love this song, and I’m going to see Switchfoot in concert in a few weeks. Along with Anberlin. I’m freaking excited. Anyways, back to my…whatever.

My Mom has been sleeping on a cot beside these puppies for the past couple of nights. So, being the good son that I am, voluenteered to watch them for her for a few hours. Right now, she’s enjoying the most sleep she has had in a while. Me? I really want to be asleep right now. To make matters worse, I’m watching sleeping puppies…sleep (obviously). It just makes me wanna sleep even more.

While I’m keeping myself awake, I decided to be productive, and write. I’m currently writing this blog post (again, obviously), and am going to write somemore of my novel, The Arrival, when I’m done here.

Another Random Side Note: More Than Fine by Switchfoot is what’s playing right now. I’m beginning to wonder if my sister’s iPod is playing just Switchfoot.This stoy is currently devolping…

Speking of The Arrival, I made this pretty freaking awesome cover for it today.

I think it’s pretty amazing looking. My best yet. Tell me what you think of it, and if I should change anything about it. I’m gonna make some minor tweaks to it leading up to the release of the book, but this is basacilly what it’s gonna look like.

Another Another Random Side Note: Mystery solved. It’s not on a Switchfoot shuffle (that sounds like a dance). Like a Lion by David Crowder Band is currently playing. Anyways, carry on.

I also redesigned the cover for Rescued to be less…well…ugly. I’m gonna redo the covers for Runner, and Caught soon.

Alright, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. I’m gonna go work on The Arrival now.



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