7 Strips of Bacon: Chicken To No Eat

Hi guys. It’s me.

1.I’m slightly confused.

Apparently, somebody found my blog by searching “chicken to no eat”.

See?!?!? I'M NOT LYING!

2. I had this dream…

…it was really scary, but kinda interesting. I have decided, that it is going to be my next book.

3. Where’s Waldo?

Two friend’s and myself, are going to make a movie adaption of “Where’s Waldo?” It’s gonna be epic. Keanu Reeves is going to be Waldo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be the guy who’s looking for him.

4. I’m even more confused.

I just Googled  “chicken to no eat”, and apparently not only can you find my blog by searching that, I’m on the second page.

5. Do you like the new blog theme?

I didn’t like the old one, it was to dark. So naturally, I chose an even darker one.

6. Pirates 4 is amazing.

I went to the midnight showing. MY FIRST EVER. It was pretty flippin’ awesome.

7. “Runner” is coming soon…

…to the Nook, iBookstore, and whatever it is Sony has.



2 thoughts on “7 Strips of Bacon: Chicken To No Eat

  1. I liked Pirates too. I also liked the new X Men.

    • jaloru95 says:

      I really wanna see the new X Men, but everybody in my family doesn’t wanna see it. My Mom even said that, “Hugh Jackman isn’t in it, so what’s the point?” Hahaha.

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