7 Strips of Bacon Vol. 3

Hi Guys! I know it’s been a while…a long while. But I’ve been really busy lately. You know: Drivers ED, school, acting, being awesome, It’s a really hard job.

Now that I’m 16, I have a new view on life. It’s the I-wonder-what-I’m-gonna-do-when-I-get-my-drivers-license view. I’m sooo excited to get it. 27 more days! (That’s May 16th.) Any-who, onward! TO THE LIST!

1. My sister get’s me hooked on The weirdest songs.
Today she got me hooked on “Handlebars” By Flobots. It’s kinda weird, but really awesome.

2. I’m actually eating bacon RIGHT NOW!
Now, when I say “Right Now” I don’t mean right now as you’re reading this. I mean right now as I’m writing this. I’m eating potato skins. They’re yummy.

3. I really wanna play Portal 2
I’ve never played Portal. Just a demo of the first game. But man, was it great. Now, with the release of the sequel, I wanna play the first one, so I can play the second. But, I’m just a poor 16-year-old with no money, and no job…27 more days.

4. Stop what you’re doing and watch Your Mom.
She’s great.

5. I hate Lady GaGa
I used to really like her, but I read the lyrics for her new song, “Judas” and I wish she’d go hang herself. JUST LIKE JUDAS.

6. Jesus Love’s You.
Just thought I’d throw that in there.

7. Saturday is the day!
Series Six of Doctor Who premiers on BBC America! AHHHHH!

Thank You. That is all.


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