7 Strips of Bacon Vol. 2

Hey guys!

I haven’t put a post up here in a while, so here’s your Seven strips of bacon, Vol. 2!

1. I’m gonna try and do these more often
I’m talking about the “Seven Strips of Bacon” I’m gonna try and do them every Friday if I can.

2. I’m writing a book!
I’ve loved to write ever since I was little, and since I got a Kindle for Christmas, I thought that I’d write an eBook. Since that lady who wrote the Tryle Trilogy made $15mil off of her eBooks, I thought I’d give it a try. I probably won’t make millions, but I could probably make a few extra bucks. And as a jobless teenager, I’ll take all the help I can get. These Video Games won’t pay for themselves!

3. I’m REALLY tired.
Don’t ask me why. I got plenty of sleep last night.

4. I’ve found a Minecraft clone for iOS
It’s called “Eden” and It’s 99 cents in the ‘ol App Store. I’ve mostly just place TNT in my buildings and blow them up.

5. I started Season Two of Numb3rs today.
I got Season 1 and 2 for Christmas, but haven’t got around to watching it until a couple of weeks ago. And let me tell you, I really like this show. Even though I HATE math.

6. I finished Assassins Creed II
I actually did this awhile ago, but haven’t had the chance to post about it. Holy crap. That ending was awesome.

7. If I started a podcast about all of the Weird News, would you listen?
Just curious. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile.

Thanks for reading, guys!

Twitter: jaloru95 or charliesheen


One thought on “7 Strips of Bacon Vol. 2

  1. I would listen. Just sayin’.

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