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Adventures in the DPS

Hi everybody, how are all of you? I’m doing good.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m gonna post about. I guess I’ll tell you about my adventures I had at the hell-hole DPS yesterday.

So, my older sister, Kassie (Who turns 21 on the 28th 29th of this month) had her drivers license stolen. Who would want too steal your drivers license? I can understand it if your under the legal drinking age, and look like the person who owns the license. But she isn’t even 21, yet.

So, we arrive at the only DPS around us that’s open on days other than Wednesdays, and not only does my 17 year-old sister, Whitney, who was also with us park where it says DO NOT ENTER, but the line is horrendously long. So, we wait. I’m sitting down next too Whitney, watching what could have easily been 15-20 people stand in line, with looks of hatred on their faces. I was just waiting for somebody to pull out a 9mil. and start shooting. Then, somebody walks in. She sees the line, and without stopping, turns right around and leaves. I was losing it.

A man who left with a new Drivers License in hand was stopped by another man who was in the back of the line, behind Kassie.
“How long were ya’ waitin’?” Said the “Cowboy”
“Let’s see here…about, hour and half, two hours.” The man said as he rushed out the door, obviously creeped out by the strange mans question, as I would soon be.

About twenty minutes go by before Whitney receives a text from Kassie, asking too go to an ATM, too get some money, because they only accept cash. So, me and Whitney leave the hell-hole DPS to make our way to the nearest Bank of America too get the dough.

We pulled into the DPS at 4:59, it closes at 5:00. I run in before the lady locks the door, and give my sister the money. She is 2nd in line, and so were almost done. The lady locked us in, which was okay, except for the fact that we were in there with…the Cowboy. I never got his name, but he was very talkative to me and Whitney. He was asking us things like, what grade we were in, who we were taking to prom, all those things. He was also trying to hook me up with his daughter, who is apparently the same age as me. He asked me what college I was going to, so I thought that I’d feed him a bone by saying UCLA (Which I do kinda wanna go too.)

But finally, after the (surprisingly) nice DPS lady got her computer that she was having trouble working again, we left. Quickly. We then went out to eat and soon forgot all about our visit to the DPS.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Happy Birthday to my mom! She turned…well, I don’t think that she would appreciate me telling her age. But Happy Birthday anyways!


7 Strips of Bacon Vol. 2

Hey guys!

I haven’t put a post up here in a while, so here’s your Seven strips of bacon, Vol. 2!

1. I’m gonna try and do these more often
I’m talking about the “Seven Strips of Bacon” I’m gonna try and do them every Friday if I can.

2. I’m writing a book!
I’ve loved to write ever since I was little, and since I got a Kindle for Christmas, I thought that I’d write an eBook. Since that lady who wrote the Tryle Trilogy made $15mil off of her eBooks, I thought I’d give it a try. I probably won’t make millions, but I could probably make a few extra bucks. And as a jobless teenager, I’ll take all the help I can get. These Video Games won’t pay for themselves!

3. I’m REALLY tired.
Don’t ask me why. I got plenty of sleep last night.

4. I’ve found a Minecraft clone for iOS
It’s called “Eden” and It’s 99 cents in the ‘ol App Store. I’ve mostly just place TNT in my buildings and blow them up.

5. I started Season Two of Numb3rs today.
I got Season 1 and 2 for Christmas, but haven’t got around to watching it until a couple of weeks ago. And let me tell you, I really like this show. Even though I HATE math.

6. I finished Assassins Creed II
I actually did this awhile ago, but haven’t had the chance to post about it. Holy crap. That ending was awesome.

7. If I started a podcast about all of the Weird News, would you listen?
Just curious. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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