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5 of the Geekiest Pictures EVAH!

So, I’m looking around the interwebs, when the idea struck me. I’m gonna do a post of my top 5 geekiest pictures EVAH! So, here goes.

5. The Darth Knight
The Darth Knight

Introducing, The Darth Knight! His archnemesis? Juke Skywalker! Which is the Joker and Luke Skywalker! Trivia: Mark Hamil plays both Luke Skywalker, and The Joker in the Batman animated TV series,  Batman: Arkham Asylum and in Batman: Arkham City.

4. Star Trek vs. Doctor Who

Star Trek vs. Doctor Who. What more can I say? Besides, EPIC.

3. Star Wars Movie Posters.

I know. I cheated. But, these are sooooo amazing! There are tons of Star Wars movie posters out there. One day, I might do a post on just Star Wars movie posters. They’re pretty awesome.

2. Mickey Mouse Revolt

It’s Mickey Mouse! He’s soooo cute! WHY WOULD YOU WAN’T TO KILL HIM?!?!?

1. The Dark Side

Ohhhh, Darth Maul. I love you. He looks so beast in this picture. So does the big man himself, Darth Vader.


And there it is! My personal favorite geek pictures!


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