7 Strips of Bacon

Life is good. Bacon is Good. Therefore, whenever I talk about my life I compare it to Bacon. Which is awesome. Here is my 7 strips of Bacon, or 7 strips of awesome, or 7 things in my life that I did today or in the past few days, but that is too long. Just like that last sentence.

1. I made a blog. Bet you couldn’t figure that one out.

2. I did not eat Bacon. 😦 Therefore, today has been less awesome.

3. I am a hard working man who works out and likes to take long walks on the beach, and I’m a great cook.

4. That last strip was a lie.

5. If a strip of Bacon is a lie does that mean it doesn’t exist? If so, should this be called 6 strips of Bacon?

6. I am homeschooled. Can you tell?

7. Don’t drink that Racist Coffee

BANG! There’s your 7 strips of Bacon.




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